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Kristen Land

In my opinion, the best place in the city to buy meat, hands down. The prices are great, and the cuts are excellent. They understand their clientele and always have an abundance of staff on duty to serve them, as well as constant restocking of the product as it sells. The management clearly understands what it takes to keep product flowing, and efficiency high.The cashiers are always very helpful and friendly, and make one feel right at home. Highly recommended!

Wes Mann

I don't often go there personally; rather the wife goes. I did like it even when it was a run down butcher shop that smelled like one. They have a new building now and they will custom cut anything and package anyway you want. Good cuts, lean ground beef that is actually lean. Various prepackaged boxes starting at 50 dollars with various meats inside; probably a great gift for a teen or couple starting out in new home! Be sure to try the bacon; amazing quality! In and out faster than big box stores! Highly recommended!

Wendy Ross

Cantors is a great place to buy bulk foods! Their prices are good and somewhat cheap! I love going there for the bulk hamburger that I buy! I also recommend this place!

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At Cantor's Meats, we pride ourselves on not only providing the best cuts of meat and top-of-the-line groceries you will find in Winnipeg, but also on our delivery services.

Shop around and you will not find a better store that not only gives you the selection and quality you want, but will also deliver it to your door when you need it.

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Grocery: (204) 774-1679
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Toll Free: (800) 874-7770

1445 Logan Avenue
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